Borderline Press is an independent, small press publisher of contemporary art based out of Portland, Oregon. Our focus is to amplify diverse voices through handmade and professionally printed works that maintain the integrity of every artist's vision. We are dedicated to facilitating a collaborative, equitable community of artists, designers, and editors through our publishing efforts.

We specialize in limited edition zines, books, and art prints. 

Hi! My name is Alyson and I am the founder/editor-in-chief here at Borderline Press. I am a visual artist who relocated from Florida to Oregon in 2014 in search of the unfamiliar. I began this publishing journey in honor of my favorite artist pal, Rex. He and I existed in a world where your art was an extension of yourself. He inspired me to dig deeper and love harder, and to take more risks without apology. My hopes for this press are embedded in working alongside artists to bring their book dreams to fruition in a collaborative space where the possibilities are endless and obtainable. Let us remind ourselves that we're so much better when we're working together.

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