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We want to print your photos and art prints for you!

Inkjet Print Pricing

New to printing? Not sure what paper you want? Order a Sample Pack of your image printed as a 5x7 on 3 different recommended paper surfaces for only $20. 

Pricing listed is for
ready to print files -- meaning there are no significant adjustments needed prior to printing. Additional charges may be included if extensive adjustments or clean-up are needed. Custom print sizes are always available. Sizes not listed here will fall under the pricing for the print size they're closest to. (i.e. 8x10/8x12 priced at 8.5x11)
Discount available for printing multiple copies of the same file on the same paper/size. 

We accept JPEG, TIFF, and PSD files. Honestly though, we want to work with the largest file you have for the best print output. 

We're using pigment based inks for longevity and for accurate color reproduction. Our standard paper is lighter weight and more economical. Our fine art options are museum grade papers with a heavier weight and longer archival period. 

Please contact us directly for more information about our pricing and printing materials. We're willing to print on a variety of surfaces that may not be listed here. Each print order is unique, and we passionately believe that our images tell us how they want to be printed. We want to give each project the individual attention it deserves.

Click Here to Start Your Print Order 

Shipping costs are calculated at time of order. Free delivery by bike available in Portland on all orders over $25.  

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and community partners who make this all possible. We're always closer to our true intent when we're working together.

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