Lands of Enchantment by Erinn Kathryn

  • Lands of Enchantment by Erinn Kathryn

3.5” x 5.5”, handmade, spiral bound book. Signed limited edition of 27.

”Lands of Enchantment, challenges the glossy, picturesque, Kodachrome mirages of colonialist America. The form was inspired by a vintage postcard diorama I found in a local shop. I was captivated that someone took the time to create such an homage to a place they had been. Postcards, I thought, are the talismans of tourism. They memorialize one’s experience in a place, they idealize the place itself. But what if they revealed truths?
In my dioramas, idyllic postcard imagery is obscured by truths: black text listing the indigenous tribes who have stewardship over the land and red text revealing an unspoken truth about the condition of that land.” -- Erinn Kathryn

Erinn Kathryn’s work confronts the pressing matters of our era, focusing on environmental degradation and resuscitation, social justice, urban growth and gentrification, through the lenses of linear time and physical space. Erinn is an interdisciplinary artist who works in sculpture, mixed media, painting, and installation.